Getting Cozy

1377976_10102551241204097_1935092419032890762_nSeptember 23rd, marks the first day of fall.  This particular region of the North Country/ Adirondacks is blessed with having so many outdoor recreational opportunities, from hiking to spending time on quiet bodies of water.  It is also home to some of the most scenic roadways imaginable as summer begins to hibernate and the fall colors start to come alive.  Against the bright blue sky, leaves in shades of hot red, glowing orange, vibrant yellow and earthy brown start to appear.

One question I always have is “where is the BEST place to see the changing colors?”  Everyone I ask seems to be stumped as they fumble around with a direct answer.  That is because there is no “best” one place to see the beautiful radiant fall colors.

Some suggestions I have heard include a short hike up Baker Mountain located between Long Lake and Tupper Lake off Route 30, and or if you don’t feel like hiking, take a long scenic drive. Some specific stretches of scenic roadway include Route 86 to Paul Smiths, Route 3 to Bloomingdale, McKenzie Pond Road and Forest Home Road to Lake Clear.

If you are lacking transportation or motivation to hike, you can always take a short walk and or bike ride around campus.  You will be amazed at what you see.  The different pieces of artwork displayed around campus have certain radiance in the changing leaves and cozier weather.  Walking down the main drag of campus shows fall beauty in many ways.

This is the perfect season for pumpkins, bonfires, nature walks, s’mores, autumn leaves, corn mazes, lattes and apples; seeming to hit each and every sense we have.  The best part about this area is the easy access to a pumpkin patch, apple farm, or cider mill.  A great site to find out different pumpkin patch locations in the Plattsburgh area is to visit:

Our academic semester is now in full bloom but don’t forget to take time to breathe and view the beauty happening around you.


So far so good.

IMG_20140905_141058_583Being on campus all summer long and living nearby, I felt like I never really left between semesters.  I have grown to know the campus very well over the past few years as an undergraduate student and through summer employment.  However, this didn’t stop the anxious feeling to start the new semester this fall.  The semester felt like the first day of second grade all over again.  I was excited to see old friends and make new ones, put on my favorite outfit, and break into my shiny new notebooks.

While the first week of classes can be less than exciting, with professors going over the syllabus, establishing your workload, times and dates for deadlines, and his/her availability, it’s also a great time to get to know your classmates and build a sense of community within your cohort/class.

My general feeling is that this semester = so far so good.  The first week required some experimenting to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it came to study locations, buying vs bringing food from home, walking vs driving, available parking, buying vs renting text books, and deadlines.

At times it can be overwhelming with the amount of work that is due over the course of the semester but it is important to take each day, project, and paper, one at a time.

Having a planner is absolutely crucial to me. This is my life saver when it comes to keeping track of deadlines, projects, papers and events. I’m finding that in graduate school, it is even more important to keep track of your deadlines to eliminate the last minute rush.  In undergrad it may have been possible to stay up all night and crank out a paper, but the depth of research involved in graduate school no longer allows this type of procrastination!

We are already in our 4th week of classes here at SUNY Plattsburgh, which means the semester is already about 25% over – hard to believe!  Here’s hoping it continues to go smoothly for all of us 🙂smooth+sailing