Midterm Madness

a067ff47c0099b30af55d405ede2fa23 Many of you have probably already taken your midterms at this point or been working to submit midterm papers or projects.  This time of year seems to suddenly be so busy that it’s tough to stay afloat. Here are some of my best suggestions to get through it all:

Don’t start freaking out. It’s not the end of the world, yet.  Retaining all of your basic study skills is helpful; flashcards, re-writing your notes, re-reading chapters, visiting professor office hours are all the skills you already know. (Note: giving your professor little chocolate treats will NOT help you pass your midterm). Keep in mind that the midterm generally covers almost all the information from the first half of the semester. This is where you may want to skip the idea of “winging it.

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. – log off!  Major distraction, especially when it comes to finding out the latest gossip. When setting time aside to study, that time is just for studying your school content not your social life.

Say no to procrastination – Easier said than done right?  Cramming everything in one night just isn’t going to work. Let’s be real. Be sure to prep, giving yourself enough time.  Typically professors will give you a course schedule with the dates of the midterm on it. If you happen to, let’s say, wait till the last minute, go gather all the class notes and PowerPoints and do a simple review look over. Doing this with a buddy from the class may be helpful. Remember to read, review, and highlight all important side notes and information your professor may have stressed in class. There were emphasized for a reason.

Budget your time – Scheduling time is a life saver. Recently for myself, I have found the scheduling by the hour is becoming much more useful. When scheduling, I include all of my responsibilities. I find that if I have a few simple, quick, easy tasks to do I will get them out of the way first. This helps ease the look of the workload and I am much more able to focus on studying.

Sleep – Yes, I said sleep!  Be sure to get plenty of sleep before the test. You do not want to be exhausted for your tests; this is a sure way to end up with bad grades. On top of sleep be sure to get a good breakfast in before the test.

Cheating – One simple rule: Just don’t do it! There are strong academic policies set it place that result in strict academic punishments that can and will result in academic dismissal.

Comfort – When studying it is important to find a comfortable place to do so, whether it be your room, the library or at a random seating area around campus, you want to be comfortable. Other than needing a great comfy place to study, everyone studies differently.

I hope this helps a little bit.  Just remember, it will all be over soon!