Your 20s are a decade of transition after transition. With a new year of graduate school in full swing, this is the time of year when milestones touch all of our lives. Transitions are exciting moments in which we know our life will never be the same. This time can also be challenging and stressful. Whether you are starting graduate school right after finishing your bachelor’s degree, or from returning to school after taking a break, I want to share some tips for staying cool through the transition.

  • Be present, meaning sometimes in the heat of the excitement of transitions, it is easy for it to all become blurry. Take it all in and be still. It’s so easy to jump ahead. Remember to take one thing at a time.
  • Take stock: evaluate your life and what is going on. Ask yourself several questions; are you pursuing your goals? Are you on the path to a career you want? Now is the perfect time to make those necessary bold choices you have been setting aside.
  • Talk with supportive friends. The increased stress can be a bit overwhelming. This is the perfect time to let it out and talk through your frustrations with family and friends. Remember to take a walk around the block, call your mom and let your inner circle be there for you! For me I know I have a semester left but I keep beating myself up because I don’t have my life all figured out. Letting some of my emotions out has helped me keep things in perspective and be present in the moment. One day at a time.
  • Prioritize. Yes, I said it and I will say it over and over again. Plan your time based on what is most important to you. Make time for those people and activities that matter.
  • Lastly, don’t make decisions out of fear. When going through a time of change it is easy to freeze up and make decisions that we really didn’t want to make. Move through transitions with courage.

Keep in mind that while stressful, transitions are a really good thing.  They mean that you’re moving in a direction of progress and transformation in your life.  Keep up the great work!