Hit the Road, Jack!

images As I have mentioned before in many of my blog postings, I am working in the Graduate Admissions Office this semester as the Graduate Assistant, as well as completing internship hours for my Masters in Student Affairs and Higher Education. Being in the office full-time has opened many great opportunities for me to advance in my newly professional career path. I truly believe we are all lifelong learners; learning new and exciting things each and every day.University_Buffalo_4

This past week I was granted the opportunity to spend a few days on the road with Betsy Kane, the Director of Graduate Admissions. We traveled to Western New York, to visit SUNY Buffalo and SUNY Fredonia, to participate in their Graduate School Fairs. As both a staff member and a student, I understand that deciding which college is the right fit for you can be a daunting task. This is what makes recruitment travel so exciting – the searching students get the opportunity to speak with a representative of the college in person. This can help a student decide if the college might be where he/she would like to live, learn and grow over the next few years.1897885437_1ac38bd67b_z

Conversations with prospective students are always eye-opening.  We are all different in our career paths, giving a unique story to tell in the process. There is a lot we can learn from interacting with students on the road. Although we may not have a program a student is looking for, this information can better help the college as a whole when it comes to recruitment. What programs should we be looking into getting? What are students searching for? What colleges have these programs? How do we compare as an institution?

12122682_10103528756405797_2818978225050465519_nHere we are looking sharp and ready to speak with students at SUNY Fredonia!

The employees in Graduate Admissions play a very important role when it comes to enrollment at SUNY Plattsburgh. This critical role starts with marketing the college to students and then keeping communication with the students as they proceed through the application process. It is important that we remember to keep the institutions mission, values and characteristics at the forefront when speaking with students. We are essentially the eyes and ears of the college.

I enjoyed the chance to hit the road and get a glimpse at how recruitment travel works, and am excited at the prospect of doing this for a living!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list.”- Susan Sontag


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