Goodbye Academia

One of my fondest memories was when I was five years old and declaring, as all serious as a five year old can be “I am going to be a singer!” I would sing and dance every chance I could get; however, I did not become a singer. In fact singing is not my strong suit.

Now that I am saying goodbye as I am finally graduating from graduate school, I am ready to take on the next phase of my life. Many emotions are running through my mind. I am excited to tackle what is next- whatever that may be.

It has been an interesting adventure in the Graduate Admissions Office. I am sad as I will miss all the laughter and interesting stories that arise from applicants. The bond that you can build with an applicant in literally 5 min tops is truly amazing.

In Student Affairs you speak to hundreds of students a day. They come and go from your office. They see you in the hallways, on the side walk or in the line at the food court. They all have needs, want, and questions that they look to you for guidance! They all have a different story to tell.

Working in admissions is very similar. Applicants come in, call, email, with different questions and concerns. Each applicant is unique in their own way. You are essentially the detective helping them reach their goals.

Admissions is truly the eyes and ear of SUNY Plattsburgh. They are the first impression. Once an applicant walks through the front doors of the campus we are there to answer any questions and guide them to where it may be in order for them to reach their ultimate goal.

Working in the Graduate Admissions office I have learned and improved many transferable skills along the Student Affairs spectrum. These skills can be used in any office under Student Affairs. While working in the GA office I have been able to really narrow my needs and wants when it comes to job searching. With this information I have been able to search from jobs outside of Admissions. I have attended many events, meeting and sat on boards that reflect different areas in Student Affairs. Admissions plays a role in every area of a campus. knowing admissions helps with bringing knowledge to different offices- better serving our students. My interest currently lies within Conduct and Judicial Affairs. After graduating, I hope to pursue a job in a Conduct Office in Higher Ed.

It has truly been a pleasure writing for you and I thank you for taking the time to read about my experience as a graduate student here at SUNY Plattsburgh. I wish you all the best of luck in whatever the future holds.


Otis and I say farewell as we look at how much we have grown over the past year.PhotoGrid_1449505412369


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