comic-1q0zhwrI am sure everyone has said “New Year, New Me” in their head a few times these past few weeks. I recently have said the typical “I’ll start tomorrow!” a few times. Last Monday, was my actual START date for me to really buckle down and get started on making this year the best year yet for focusing on my health and practicing healthy living.  And then I got sidelined with a horrible toothache.  This week I am healing and rebooting for take 2.

Of course the phrase ‘healthy living’ can be interpreted in many different forms. For me, I intend to explore new realms of my food palate, find ways to get a better night of rest, and go outside more.  Maybe I’ll buy a used bike or learn to ride a dirt bike. Whatever it may be, fresh air is always good for the body, mind and soul. I plan to write more handwritten letters. There is something special about writing and receiving a handwritten letter.

2015 not only means New Year resolutions for the personal self but for the academic side of my life.  If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know that organization is kind of a big deal to me, but this coming semester I want to be EVEN BETTER organized by using a different style planner. My new planner allows me to schedule tasks under more specific times so I know exactly where I need to be and when! I know that when I am organized I am able to accomplish a lot more with a more focused mind.

Another small resolution is to be ready for the next day before I go to bed. Prepare all the next day’s meals, get my bags organized and packed, even having an outfit ready to go can make a huge difference in the morning. If I have to scramble in the morning trying to remember everything I need for that day I will always forget something.

I’m hoping these little improvements can make a big impact on not only my life but those who I interact with on a daily or one-time basis.

So, 2015 I am ready for you.  Let’s do this!  Right after my root canal 😉